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Mobile Order System

Mobile Order Service?

Mobile Order Service is that the merchant management service makes it possible to order/pay various channel.

Introduction to Mobile Order Basic Concept
  • Mobile Order is smart mobile order/payment service for customers who visit the store and also order-management service for merchant owner.
  • At once, Customers select the menu and order/pay through Mobile order QR code or NFC Tag in the store.
Introduction of Mobile Order Service
  • This Service is for both Customers’ ordering/e-Payment and Merchants’ Total Management Solution.
Mobile Order Procedures on Terminal
  • Customers order through Tablet.
  • Total amount of goods or services ordered by customers are paid at EDC Terminal by information transferred from Tablet.
Mobile Order/Payment Flow Chart
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Table Order System

  • This is the Smart Table Order & Payment Service for both merchants and customers.
  • Also Store owners or staffs check order/payment list through POS.
Introduce to Table Order Web
  • Customers can use to scan the Table Order QR code on the table at the store.
  • Table Order Web is available to select the menus and order/pay at once.
If new orders have been received from customers
  • Once customers’ order is received through POS, staffs can check it with a notification.
  • The alarms keep ringing unless the staffs check the notification.
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