Corporate Social Responsibility

A Deep Dive into

What is ilovepeople? In this video, we’ll introduce you to this essential donation platform and give a brief overview of what it does and how you can participate in creating the culture of giving in our communities

Donation that can do it anytime and anywhere:

i♥People connects donators with more than 1,350 welfare facilities in the country and does its best to expand the donation culture to the foreign countries in the distance through i♥People's e-payment network, that is today's digital Silk Road.

Transparent operation through full statement of donations:

i♥People is running its network system transparently by allowing the donators to check their individual 'My Page' by which one can look into the full statement of donations showing the date and the recipient of his or her donation in money or in kind.

Search welfare facility that you want:

i♥People provides information on welfare facilities by regional groups and types in order to give equal opportunities for every welfare facility. So you can search a welfare facility that you want with such information.

Realization of everyday culture for donation:

i♥People is operating its own terminals all over the country in order to promote the donation culture in our daily life. Last but not the least important is i♥People's operation of the various helps & donation programs like Lost & Found, locating missing men, donation in kind, talent donation, donation campaign and others.

Donation being delivered in 100% full for the first time in the world:

i♥People has been delivering the total amount of donation in 100% full to welfare facilities since 2002, without deduction of operation costs, working expenses, etc., with an exception for the fees of financial institutions only.

Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

For the practice of its CSR, Korea VAN Service Co., Ltd. (KOVAN) has established and been operating the Non-Stop Digital Donation Network System since 2002, for the first time in the world. KOVAN's collection of the donations in money or in kind has been duly registered with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

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